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Apple Launches Hi-tech Watch, will be able to listen to 40 million live songs

The first Apple Watch was launched at the Apple Event held in the city of Cupertino, California (USA). According to the company, Apple Watch is now the world’s number one watch. It has left brands such as Rolex, Tag and Cartier. Not only this, year-on-year sales of 50% of its sales are being seen. This is the third series of Apple Watch. Which will work on Apple’s  WatchOS 4 operating system.

Series 3 FEATURES:

In the new Apple Watch, the new E-SIM will replace the Normal SIM. There was a new dual-core processor in it.

In this series has been further fastened. Also, Series will talk to the first time with the users.

There is also LTE Radio in the watch. With this, a new W2 chip has been given to power WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

You can also listen to 40 million songs via live streaming through Apple Watch.

With it, they will also support the Watch Air ponds. Who will work with wireless connectivity.

Series 3 has two variants of Apple Watch – cellular and non-cellular Apple Watch with the cellular will cost $ 399 and the cost of a cellular variant will be $ 329.

With standalone Apple Watch, it can be negotiated with Clear Voice Quality. Its pre-booking will begin on September 15. At the same time, selling will be done from September 20.

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