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Email marketing is similar to direct mail, catalogs and printed newsletters received by traditional mass mail. The approach of sending advertising at the foot of another email is similar to the act of taking any advertising from a newspaper or magazine. In any case, some people do not like to receive this traditional unwanted email and the likes of them regarding mass emails and unsolicited newsletters are identical. You should never send emails or newsletters to people belonging to the mail without prior authorization. This is considered as mass junk mail (spam) and readers usually report the action of sending unsolicited bulk mail (spam), before which they could lose any permission on their accounts, your site could be closed and this act could even be considered criminal in some countries. Always make sure you have the permission of clients or potential customers before sending marketing emails or newsletters to mass mailing lists. This could be done by adding a simple text box on your shopping page, which allows the user to send their consent by checking the box, sending bulk emails and future newsletters.

Bulk Email Service is considerably cheaper compared to any other mass media and allows you to send directly to your client instead of getting your client to take the initiative to approach. When it is well used, it is an extremely successful marketing method in your business. It requires work to design and deliver the message in such a way that it reaches the right readers, is sufficiently attractive and achieves its reading and response. After obtaining a response, you must take the information provided, analyze it and use it to your best advantage. Always make sure that the email lists used for sending are based on permissions before pressing the “send” button, no matter how good your email is.

Types of Marketing by Email
Direct Email – are Bulk Email Service that has a promotional message in them and encourages the customer or potential customer to visit your business site and buy your product. They may include special offers, coupons, or any other promotional item that may be used in the purchase. You must send the mass email to the list of email addresses of clients obtained legally on your site or to the list of email addresses based on the permissions of another company with which you have associated. These mass emails and newsletters direct your message to the customer.
Retention Email – these bulk emails are sent to mailing lists of existing customers in an attempt to keep them as customers. I should entertain the reader.
Advertising in Other People’s Emails – a method of association, which allows you to pay others or work with another company. The objective is to place and send advertisements in emails of this company, and thus reach subscribers of their list of email addresses. Some places allow you to do it for free, as an example in email newsletters.

How to make a mail for Bulk Email Service
Bulk Email Service is a good way to send correspondence to a large number of companies or customers at the same time. These emails may contain special advertising information for customers or important updates for businesses. Send irrelevant or useless emails will cause recipients to ignore the emails you send in the future and could damage the reputation of your company. However, there are ways to optimize the writing of mass emails to attract the largest possible audience. If you put these tips into practice to write and send mass emails and evaluate their progress and effectiveness, you can reach a much larger customer base.
It is not very hard to create mail for bulk sending but you need to take care something’s. Because an attractive email can be source of good business for you.
You must have a clear purpose. Sending bulk emails to customers or partners is not something you should do arbitrarily. You must have a clear purpose for each email before you start writing it. Determine the message you want to convey and how you want recipients to react to it. The purpose of the mass email could be to encourage customers to make a purchase, update employees about a new initiative or project or send a newsletter to summarize the events that have taken place during the month. Once you have determined the purpose of the email, you can focus on transmitting the message to the recipients in a clearer way.
• For example, let’s say that your company launched a promotional offer. If customers do not know about it, you can send them a massive email to inform them about the promotion and encourage them to buy the product online.
• If you are going to send a newsletter, be sure to send it the same day every month.

Write an interesting topic for Bulk Email Service.
The issue is the first thing the recipients will see when they receive the mail. Because most people receive a large amount of junk mail, it is important to get enough attention from the recipient to open the email. The issue should invite the reader to receive some benefit or create a sense of urgency that prompts him to act. Avoid clichéd marketing phrases, such as “buy now” or “free offer for a limited time”, as they could make recipients suspect that it is junk mail and dissuade them from opening the mail. The subject must have a maximum of 50 characters.
• An example of an issue that captures the attention of the recipient could be “Take advantage today: 25% discount on all linen shirts”.
• Another example of an issue is “Help prevent the closure of the Northeast School Call the mayor today.”
• The matter must be interesting and clear. If the reader does not know what the mail is about, it will be less likely to open it.
• Avoid using excessive punctuation or capitalization, as this will make your bulk email look likes junk mail.


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