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Excellent facts about Facebook and its major uses

Facebook is the highly preferred and most popular social network which is used by millions of people daily.  The active users and popularity of Facebook are growing and still increased rapidly due to its exclusive features.  Now, Facebook is obtainable in various languages and engages roughly every individual from the young to senior citizens. There are several benefits associated with Facebook. People not only use personally used it for connecting with family and friends but also now turned into a handy and flexible tool for advertising and promoting a business.  Every business owner knows that marketing strategies or plans of your business can truly have a big impact on the success and growth of your business. It is significant for you to promote your services if you like to draw many customers towards your business.  Here, the Facebook platform is very useful or helpful. While having an exclusive business page on the Facebook platform is similar to having a site, there are lots of advantages that only this platform can provide.

Striking features:

Here are the key features of Facebook as follows:

  • It is a well-designed platform so Facebook can keep its users very busy for a long time
  • People can utilize this website as a social bookmarking platform, therefore, they can share their videos, articles, and blogs to lots of people
  • It offers app store and gaming facilities for free, where you can use hundreds of Facebook Apps and plays several games with other Facebook friends for free
  • The like button in Facebook helps user to keep in touch with other websites. By using the like button, the user can provide everything within the Facebook world.
  • You can utilize Facebook platform as information and news source. Hence, Facebook has lots of benefits that make it best.

Importance of using Facebook

  • It is free to use

Facebook offers free services and other conveniences to the users from the beginning.  It is a main benefit of Facebook as free is the main power. Now, Facebook begins few paid services which are not obligatory for users. Instead, they bring you the freedom to select services.

  • Used for Networking

It helps users to share and connect with many people in their life. Users can find and connect your old college friends and school friends. It also lets users connect with their relatives. Facebook includes billions of users, so user can make many new friends on this platform from different countries of the world.  Users can easily connect with individuals by using messages, group, and poke and chatting options available on Facebook. By using this platform as network users can improve their relationship. In short, a user can take the benefits of this social networking platform for maintaining a good relationship.

  • Used for business

Facebook has many active users that make it an ideal platform for different types of business. Business owners can promote, sell products or services for their business purposes.  The Facebook user can also improve the value of their business brand by utilizing this platform in the social networking sector.    You can create a facebook fan profile of your company or brand for your business purpose.

  • Video chat and users as video and image hosting

Users can do video chat with their relatives and friends by using the Facebook platform as a video chat tool.  It comes with inbuilt chat app that partnership with the Skype. You can also take the benefit of the Facebook platform as video and image hosting site.  Along with this, you can also make your albums of the collection of your images or videos. You can easily share the videos as public and keep them privately with Facebook privacy.

  • Facebook security

It offers more security regarding users account as well as offer secure services along with better privacy policies. This platform always strives to keep the private setting simple so you can protect your account easily.

Benefits of using Facebook

  • This marketing approach is affordable

The business owners can easily sign up on this platform for free. Marketing is essential for your business, so you can use Facebook for promoting your business. It is not only free but also bring access to lots of active users who are converted into your potential customers.

  • Share your business information on Facebook

It is simple for creating a specialized business page on facebook.  Here, you can enter all significant details about your business. Business purpose, history and product details will be offered on a page and it will draw many Facebook users.


There are specialized and highlighting features of Facebook that attracts many online users and business professionals towards. It also encourages them to use Facebook for their marketing and other business purposes. Moreover, the great networking website also helps you to communicate with your loved ones, friends and relatives easily and quickly.


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