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Latest Trends and Innovation in Digital Marketing

We have already entered 2018 and you would be amazed to know that you are not the only one who wants to know how digital marketing would look like in 2018. Most of the MNCs and top digital marketing companies have already made their digital marketing plan for this year. As the customers change, their behaviors and demands continue to change, so you might want to know what Strategies and tactics you should use for this year. Taking an example, an updated marketing company would always take an advanced step such as a shift to mobile advertising instead of desktop ones as most of the people use mobile devices to access the web. So if you want to strive in this ever-changing digital marketing space, you definitely would have to update and change your marketing ways.

• Content marketing trends.

Content marketing has been in the top three for marketing techniques for the past 3years. After successful research, it has been found that nearly 40% of the businesses globally are using strategic approach. It is also expected that would focus would be given to measuring content marketing as the cost of writing and competition within content marketing increases slowly.

• Big Data

Big data marketing applications include marketing insight, customer review, successfulness of the product and predictive analytics before a launch. Big data is a key trend and has been selected by many globally. Digital marketing companies who have used it have experienced the increase in volume, real-time data and date formats in their business. Big data is also used to identify the tendency to convert a customer’s characteristics and behavior.

• Marketing automation

This is also been in the top trends for the past 5 years. One lay has questions like ‘ where do we start’ or ‘ how to jump to the next level’. You can use email marketing and marketing automation which includes the free collaborating ability to review and score using email marketing automation.

• Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing was in the top three a few years back and was also taught in the best institute for digital marketing, but as companies have adapted to a better mobile responsive web design and updated email templates, companies have felt the less need to focus on it or least there are few opportunities for mobile growth. However, research proves that retail conversation rates are significantly lower on mobiles, so there is work that is left to be done for many businesses to optimize such conversion all mobiles all the desktop versions would still be lower. Kabaddi suggests Google and Microsoft have always been following the same is leading mobile Mantra. But in reality, there are many users who still used desktops and laptops for accessing these websites. There are many websites who have a higher response, so mobile phone screens may fail while optimizing them. so these mobile companies are adopting better web design approaches which would be more relevant, would have contextual content and would have CTA for reducing the loading time.

•  Social media marketing including social CRM and social customer care

In most of the events, you would find marketers who have a huge interest in social media as it reaches quite fast and has a lot of options to engage each and every type of audience. Some social media research statistics reveal that there is continued growth is social media usage overall globally but that is reduced popularity of some social networks in specific countries. In many countries, the popularity of Twitter and Facebook is declining slowly while the popularity of Snapchat and Instagram is increasing. So before thinking of marketing anything on any social media platform, you must know that the country in which you are marketing has access to the Social networks where you are posting your ads. For more details, you may contact the digital marketing institutes, as they can give you a better view on the subject.

•  Search Engine Optimisation

Mobile marketing SEO techniques would be more important in 2018 with Google service announcement of mobile index and AMP. A huge increase in AMP smartphone traffic has been seen since September 2016 when Google started rolling out AMPs which were considered beyond Google News. It is an important marketing technology that has risen in the last 3 years, but it is only important to devise makers and retailers.

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