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Managed v/s unmanaged wordpress web hosting

Internet-centered businesses are in a demand these days. Having a traffic-free website is indispensable for the growth of the internet based business. Hosting of such websites becomes vital for a smooth operation of the websites.

Not only the website servers but the additional services provided by these hosts are also equally important.  A good host takes away a lot of afflictions from the user’s shoulders while a bad host would surely be of no help to the user.

Let’s run through what exactly managed and unmanaged hosting means and what each of these terms truly means to the owners.

Managed hosting is a hosting proposal made up of different components. The most elementary component is the server hardware. It has an operating system along with different kinds of software which are used for running the websites.  The hosting companies may also offer various other services like automated backups, malware scanning and removal, status monitoring, security sweeps, and more. In quintessence, managed hosting is nothing but a hosting plan which emanates along with a number of other added benefits or services.

Contrariwise, unmanaged hosting is a hosting plan without or very rare supplementary services.  The These hosting companies typically don’t provide any other services or carry out any management chores on the server. In case if you want anything supplementary, you have to do it on your own.

Now that you have a perfect understanding between managed and unmanaged hosting, let’s comprehend and discern managed WordPress hosting and unmanaged WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

The users may install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or all the three systems and run them all at the same time. There are no issues in doing so to the server, but it does mean that it cannot be fully utilized to run a specific system.

That’s when managed WordPress hosting comes into the picture. It’s like if someone runs only a WordPress then why not just have a server which is altered to run only WordPress. WordPress hosting is much quicker and protected than its other hosting counterparts. Managed WordPress hosting services would include everything right from the hardware to the software which would help in running only the WordPress site.

Managed WordPress hosts are faintly costly than their counterparts as they comprise many other management services with it. Using Managed WordPress hosting will help the site to be more trustworthy, substantially faster, more protected and will also provide an extensive variety of management services with a lower price structure.

The most imperative downfall in using managed WordPress hosting will be that it doesn’t have rigidity i.e. you can only run WordPress sites. Additionally, the host might restrict you to run any WordPress caching plugins if he has a server- level caching in place.

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting:

Now that you are aware of the precise meaning of managed WordPress hosting, let’s apprehend what exactly is unmanaged WordPress hosting.  Unmanaged WordPress hosting servers include the installation of the operating system only. Anything that you want to do with the server has to be done on your own.

Hence, whatever that the host can do for you, can be done by yourself depending on whether you have the required skills. You can copy, install and fix up all the monitoring services for yourself. Thus, if you wish to save money and are acquainted with the know-how, unmanaged WordPress hosting can be useful for you.

Many times, the hosting companies don’t offer the services that you need, in such an event you would need to manage it on your own. Consequently, unmanaged WordPress hosting is for those who are well apprised of the server and with the additional facilities required thereof.

Therefore, now you can surely choose between managed WordPress hosting and Unmanaged WordPress. Both are equally apt for the users.

The choice will always be yours!!

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