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Neglect bugatti, koenigsegg agera turns into fastest car inside the worldwide

Photo: Koenigsegg

koenigsegg Agera has virtually smashed the arena document for the quickest car within the international setting a brand new top speed inside the Agera, sending warning shots to every Bugatti Chiron and Hennessy venom f5.

over the past few weeks, the hypercar giants were tussling for the hobby. first of all the Bugatti Chiron claimed an international file for a take a look at they invented within the Chiron with the useful resource of going from zero-249-0mph in just forty-two seconds.

koenigsegg came to destroy Bugatti’s birthday celebration simply weeks later with the Agera rs, taking really 36.44seconds to advantage the equal check.

Video: Koenigsegg

hennessy, no longer looking to experience left out, brought the cutting-edge venom f5 which it claims must tour in more of 300mph. bugatti and Hennessy are each taking their flagship cars (Chiron and venom f5) out subsequent three hundred and sixty-five days to have a move at the arena document for the top speed.

beforehand of that, but, Koenigsegg has despatched a robust message to every vehicle groups over the weekend with the Agera rs.

on a closed stretch of the Nevada highway, the Agera rs hit 285mph, with a median velocity of 277.9mph after the 2-way common changed into taking.

formerly the area file changed into held with the aid of the Bugatti Veyron first-rate undertaking which clocked 269.86mph in 2010.

driving the car changed into Niklas Lilja, who claimed the 0-249-0mph report from Bugatti some weeks in the past. the factory spec Agera rs he becomes using has a 5.0-liter twin-faster v8 engine which produces 1,360bhp, 1,011 lb-ft of torque.

the warfare for hypercar supremacy is virtually heating up and with the Chiron and the venom f5 nevertheless to check, it’ll be exciting to look Koenigsegg can keep on to this record.


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