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Rylo is a 360-degree video camera with game-changing software

The Rylo is an extremely good Rylo 360-degree camera, which is powered by way of some modern software program, allowing you to edit cinematic-first-class video while you go. Created by a crew of former Instagram and Apple engineers, this small 360-camera goal is to shake the market.

It shoots 4K at 30 fps in full 360-degree coverage, using two 208-degree wide-angle lenses. The lenses are definitely created by way of the creators themselves and have an F / 2.8 constant aperture. they are equal to 7 mm lenses on a 35mm camera.

Alex Carpenko, CEO and co-founder of Rylo Inc. says, “For most people, creating beautiful videos and sharing is very high,” this plan is needed, and most of the time, the videos become unstable or you get to the moment Recall completely Rylo’s hardware and software combines confidence and creative freedom to get the right shot every time.”

The Rylo’s software allows 360-degree clips to export traditional 1080p video in a similar style to GoPro Fusion, which selects which area you want to focus on, effectively allows you to choose it. That you can point to the camera after shooting this scene. This is a different quality in itself.

One of the main selling points of this camera is “Cinematic Stabilization” because the rylo is capable of giving a soft-smooth shot. you can say goodbye to weird action cam footage.
“There is a stabilization of success in the reel software that is made right in the camera,” said Rylo. “mixture of 360-diploma capture with advanced camera movement detection, the rylo robotically eliminates undesirable digital camera speeds or instability to create some worst video you ever have been seen.”

The hardware design is quite solid, as well as well. The company worked with Jonathan Danby, a former Apple design engineer who worked to create it for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 6S Plus. It is also a free photo-stick head to help you get rid of the photo during the 360-degree video shoot.

There is a MicroSD slot in Rylo, which will work with the 256GB size of card. The blanketed sixteen GB card will keep up to 34 mins of video or 5000 pixyou have plenty of time to fill that card, with a regular recording of approximately 60 mins in step with the price.

From Today it is available on Rylo website and the price is only $ 499, with a 16 GB MicroSD card being taken from the website of the Online Order Rylo, it can start shipping within the next month.

Photo: Rylo, Inc.

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