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Aibo is back, After over 10 years, Sony’s Aibo robot pet is making a rebound. Sony says that the following “is able to make emotional bondage with the members of the house while giving them the joy of loving, affectionate and nurturing and seminar.” Its OLED eyes allow for “microscopic” expressions; Fisher cameras look at individual faces and easily identify.

Video by: Sony

While the new activator allows moving on 22 axes, the objective of the array of movements and sounds is to make the Aibo more lifelike, while it is capable of answering the voice commands, the AIBO battery has been rated for the past two hours. Also, it takes up to three hours to completely charge it.

Sony says that Aibo’s behavior is adaptable, it uses deep learning techniques to analyze sounds and pictures coming through the array of sensors of Aibo, and to learn from the experiences of other Aibo units and owners Uses cloud data. To avoid obstacles and take the most direct route among the places. Inside a quad-core CPU, there are built-in LTE and WiFi, many sensors, motors and gyroscopes, speaker and four microphones. This could not be difficult in the extended play session.

The new Aibo Pet Robot is ready for pre-order, which is starting from tonight through Sony’s online store in Japan, and will start shipping on January 11. Are there. Sony says that right now, it is only set for launch in Japan. the price is approximately $ 1,736 (¥ 198,000).

Photo by: Sony


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