SEO Tip 1: Long Tail Keywords

Keywords play an important role in creating a content with good SEO score. Most of the content experts today are accepting long tail keywords in their articles for better ranking. So, what makes the long tail keywords a better tool for good SEO score of an article? If we compare short length keywords and long tail keywords, we find that the competition level is very high in short length keywords as compared to that of the long tail keywords. Hence, for a good SEO score, why one shouldn’t prefer long tail keywords to the short ones.

Let’s take an example: If someone is searching for “birthday organizers”, then instead of choosing it, one can choose “birthday organizers in Hyderabad”, “best birthday party organizers Hyderabad” etc. Do note that the main keyword “birthday organizers” is covered in both of these long tail keywords.

SEO Tip 2: Semantic Keywords Targeting

For a better ranking, one should use Semantic Keywords in the article. Semantic keywords are the keywords which are closely related to the main keyword.

For example: The semantic keywords for “birthday organizers” include decorations, kids, child, children, birthday party, organizers, etc. Such keywords are used to target the audience.

SEO Tip 3: Custom Titles with Semantic Keywords

Try to place custom titles in your article. Titles of a page play an important role in On-Page SEO. You should use proper keywords in the custom titles and make sure that there will be no over optimization. Also, try to end the title with the keywords related to your business.

For example: Best Birthday Party Organizers – Birthday Themes Designs @ Affordable

Prices in Hyd.

SEO Tip 4: Custom Meta Description for good SEO score

Meta description is a brief description which users can see as a description while searching on the internet. Users read this brief description before clicking on any link. Hence, a good meta description will attract a large number of users and increases the traffic on the website. Try to write an eye-catching meta description for your product within the specified word limit for meta description.

SEO Tip 5: Engaging Website Content

Content is the king and hence, an important element in SEO ranking. Try to write simple and meaningful content which a user can understand. Don’t forget to place the keywords in your content to increase the keyword density, but avoid keyword stuffing. Also, the content is free from any type of grammatical errors.

SEO Tip 6: Generate Quality Backlinks Only

Try to generate good quality backlinks to increase the traffic and SEO score. You can create quality links from Guest Blog, Press Release, Resource sharing etc.

SEO Tip 7: Rich Snippets

Snippets can boost the search results. So, try to use well-structured snippets for your article. In order to improve the CTR, you can review snippets, aggregate ratings, videos, etc.


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