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Which is better Instagram marketing or Snapchat marketing?

Instagram and Snapchat are two giants in the field of digital marketing. Both of these platforms are the favorite of a large number of people and are best for online marketing.

For a digital marketer, selecting one of them is somehow a difficult task as both of them are the winners and losers in different factors of digital marketing. Let’s have a look:

  • Advertisements: Instagram is more budget-friendly as it offers cheaper advertisement options as compared to Snapchat. Moreover, it also offers free analytics tools by which you can view and analyze the data of your success on Instagram.
  • Audience: If we compare the users of Instagram and Snapchat, Instagram has a large number of users (approx. 500 million) as compared to that of Snapchat (187 million). Hence, posting the advertisements on Instagram may result in the better promotion of your business than Snapchat.
  • Filters: Here’s the winner is Snapchat. The great animation of Snapchat filters makes them unbeatable. On the other hand, Instagram offers only a few filters.
  • Stories: In the terms of stories, Instagram is selected as the best app than Snapchat. In order to make you engaged on the Instagram, the app lands you to the next person’s story unless you click it out. Your stories will be shown to most of your Instagram followers because of this feature. This promotes your business on Instagram.
  • Discoverability: The discoverability feature of Instagram can promote your business well than Snapchat as users can check out your content, it doesn’t matter that they have followed you or not. Besides this, it also lets your followers find your public data and see all your posts whenever they want.

There are also some disadvantages of marketing on Instagram. Every day, there are more than 95 million photos shared on Instagram, due to which 70% of the posts remain unseen.

All in all, Instagram is the best digital marketing platform than Snapchat.

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