Optimizing a website to increase lead conversions means performing some basic tasks on-site that can urge visitors to complete the transaction or working on the factors that can convert a possible lead into a buyer. This process is becoming very popular in the online business world.

Some of the common factors on which optimizing experts work include:

  • Call-To-Action:
    This is a small piece of content that pops up on the landing page and is used to lure the customer to complete the action like “Discount” or “Offer” or “Sign Up” or “Buy”. This is a kind of marketing strategy used in the business that targets the target audience respond to the action.
  • Credibility Tools:
    These are the tools used by most of the online business stores that gives a sense of security and trust to the customers. It can definitely help in building the brand and enhance conversion ratio.
  • Direct Response Copywriting:
    Experts work on your homepage, product landing pages and produce an advertising campaign that has the tendency to persuade a positive lead to take action and become a customer.

Call to Action

The call to action is considered one of the vital factors on a webpage to generate or convert a positive lead into sales. A call to action clearly indicates the user about the next step to be followed that enhances the ratio of lead conversion. Most of the sites lose positive leads without a sale because users get confused about the next step that should be completed and they just leave the website without completing it.

Examples of Good Call-to-Action on a blog

  • Learn More
  • Read More
  • Support our Sponsor
  • Donate
  • Sign up our Newsletter
  • Share on Social Media

Examples of Call-To-Action on an online store

  • Buy Now
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Check Out

These are very simple yet effect examples of call-to-action that clearly informs the customer about the next step that should be followed.

Work on You Call-To-Action

If you want to work on conversion rate optimization then you may need to hire experts who can outline numerous strategies to create a creative and compelling Call-To-Action.

  • Design:
    It is very important to grab the attention of the customer, so that right information is passed to them. So, the design of Call-to-action button should be good and also the selection of the color should be accordingly.
  • Visibility:
    A call-to-action button will help you in converting your positive leads into customers. So, it is necessary that the button should be clearly visible and most noticeable part of your web page. Even the fonts should have the size to grab the attention of the customer. However, just to grab attention you should not make it look so complex that it confuses the customer. It should be simple and attractive.
  • Message:
    The customer should have the knowledge of what will happen after clicking the call-to-action button. So, let the customers know the benefits of completing the action.
  • Short and Sweet:
    Your every lead may not be having so much of patience to read big sentences. So, to ensure that every lead is converted into sales text used for call-to-action should be short.

Above mentioned are some of the steps that are necessary to optimize your call-to-action and improve the conversion rate of your webpage. Researchers conducted by leading digital marketing agencies have confirmed that optimizing call-to-action can effectively increase the lead conversion rate by more than 590 percent.

Enhance Your Credibility Tools

If you want users visiting your online business to have more trust in you and convert those leads to a sale then you need to give a sense of security and trust to the visitors.

There is no magic or rocket science behind good sales through online stores, everything depends on the experience of the customer. You can take the example of any giant online industry and will find that it is just the trust that they have built with the customers that are driving their sales.

Adding Security Seal

Studies have shown that just by adding a security seal on the homepage can witness the increase in lead conversions by 10 percent. Today, there are many online stores who show various trusted security seals on their homepage and on the transaction page that gives the user the boost in the confidence to complete the transaction. If you can show the customers that there are other people who trust your store then you will definitely see the increase in sales.

Today, most of the online shoppers have basic knowledge and internet security. So, they look for the extra “s” in your website address, i.e., https instead of http with the symbol of a padlock. These small things you might have ignored, but it can do wonders when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

Addition of awards to your homepage from third-party sources like leading business or tech magazines or industry regulators will definitely boost the confidence of the customer in your online store.


Adding testimonial tool will help new customers to go through reviews and experience of old customer that can be a trust booster. As per the research only by adding testimonials online stores have got around 14 percent increase in their sales.

If you have positive testimonials of few customers displayed on your homepage, you will definitely see positive change in the lead conversion.

Address Customer Risks Properly

Just imagine that you are the customer and want to buy an item from an online store. What will be your biggest fear? It will be how to return the product or get the money back if you don’t like the item. Well if you can address this risk properly then you can definitely see a huge improvement in sales figure.

You need to display a clear message about the return or exchange policy and money back guarantee, so that customer does not feel insecure. Moreover, you should clearly display the price of the product, shipping charges and if there are any other charges involved. Customers don’t like surprises when it comes to the price.

Optimise Your Customer Target Direct Response Copywriting

Direct response copywriting is your biggest opportunity to handover your marketing campaign physically to your target audience. This has a feeling of personal touch and enables to make an emotional connection with the probable customer. SEO experts work on this segment to use right kind of contents and keywords about your service or products.

Direct copywriting campaigns will leave an image of your products or service in the mind of the customer. It can be in the form of brochures, newsletters, coupons, postcards, and packages. Virtually any piece of media that gives an idea about your business to the target audience can be classified as a direct copywriting campaign.

How to Improve?

  • Design:
    Always remember that direct mailing campaign will be read by your positive lead and the design of that matter will decide the lead conversion. You know your target customers and also what kind of products they are looking, so optimize the design accordingly.
  • Serious Approach:
    Studies have shown that 75 percent of people read each and every mail that they receive in their mailbox. So, there is an opportunity for your business to see the increase in sales if you take direct mailing seriously. Interesting catalogs have recorded highest rate of lead conversions and responses from the customers.
  • Be Creative and Colorful:
    If you want your probable customer to feel good about your services or products then you need to impress them with your mailings first. Your piece of direct mail should not be pale nor too much colorful that can distract the customer from your messages. If the sales pitch is lost then your customer will not go through the piece and it will be wasted.
  • Customization:
    Always remember that you are not the only company that is sending direct mailing campaigns to the customers. To stand out of the competition it is important to think out of the box for your mailing piece like attaching ribbons or candy to it. Think of something creative using which customers can see your mailing daily and remember your services or products.
  • Discounts:
    Nothing to complaint but unfortunately life has become very busy and most of the times customers will not have enough time to go through your complete piece to know what all you are offering. So, if you have any discount offers then ensure that it is displayed in bit bigger size so that it is noticeable. This will give you a chance of lead conversion.

These were some of the conversion rate optimization tips that should be followed to boost online sales. It is always better to search for the professional companies having an experienced team to handle this delicate part efficiently. The online business sector is facing the toughest competition today and if you want to survive the war then you need to ensure that you are implementing proper strategies with respect to the branding and marketing of your business.



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