WordPress is an open source project that provides several features to your websites that’s why nowadays creating a website is not a big task. WordPress started for the blogging system only and now it is evolved as the full content management system. Along with other WordPress themes, responsive simple WordPress theme that is available for the mobile users also, Thousands of WordPress Plugins, widgets, and themes are available with WordPress. Only your imagination can limit the WordPress. We will look here how these Plugins can help in improving your websites.

So many issues like how your website could be eye-catchy for your customers, your website visibility for the keywords entered by the customer, how your visitors can be retained on your website, removing unwanted customer or user, how fast your website load and so many security factors can be solved through WordPress plugins.

WordPress SEO by Yoast-Improves Visibility Factor

WordPress SEO by Yoast helps in keyword optimizations while you prepare for your content of websites. Without good SEO techniques, no matter how good your knowledge is or how good your content is, your website visibility to the target customer will be very low. This plugin analyses your website and shows what you can do to get good ranking for your targeted keywords.

AntiSpam-Helps to remove spam from your website

When you start your websites or blogs for a particular domain, you get so many spam comments irrelevant to your websites or blogs that advertise some other websites or products or services. To avoid these type of promotional interactions WordPress plugin Anti Spam is available. You might have no idea how this irrelevant comment falls to your blogs. So Anti Spam is the solution available with the WordPress to remove spam on your website.

Smart You Tube-helps to retain your customer for longer

As no one has time to visit the full website of yours. Everyone thinks that there a documentary kind of short video available to give the idea of the content available on your website. So for your smart customer, WordPress plugin Smart YouTube is available. With this plugin, your customer can visit your videos on their smartphone also.

Plugin Performance Profiler and AssetsMinify WordPress plugin – To improve the loading speed of your website

How fast your website loads is the biggest issue for a website. There can be the case where usage of so many WordPress Plugin can slow down your website. To track those bad plugins that are making your site slower, Plugin Performance Profiler is the solution. Through this, you can find out the exact plugin for your website slowing the speed. Trashed pages, Use of high graphics etc. can also slow the speed of your website. AssetsMinify WordPress plugins can be used to combine and compress the CSS and JavaScript files.

OptinMonster –Increase your conversion rates

All are worried about to improve the SEO part of your website that can change the fate of your websites and brings your website to the top of the search engine. But if we have not to wait for the organic results and something bring enhanced conversion in an instant. Wonder how?? There is a conversion rate optimizer available with the WordPress called OptinMonster which helps to increase your email list by the number of visitors to your websites.

Jetpack-Improves Security and performance

There are the handful of tools available with the Jetpack plugin from WordPress

Jetpack is a power-packed plugin that provides enhanced performance of your website, it also helps to improve security, improves the number of visitors, provides spam free comments, improves social sharing and also number of tools for content marketing are available with this jetpack plugin from WordPress.


WordPress site available with these powerful plugin mentioned above provides powerful features that enhance the security of your website, improve your site performance, plenty of content tools are available with these plugins, increase visitors engagement.

These features also come with a responsive simple WordPress theme for mobile devices



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